Luxury Flatshares
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Frequently Asked Questions


A: We are happy to consider DSS, however, the prices of our rooms are often out of the price range that most councils are willing to support, so please find out from the local council what the maximum is that they will pay out for a room.
A: We will only consider serious students, because you will be sharing with professionals who want a quiet and peaceful home. If you are not paying your rent yourself, or if your income is not high enough to pay your rent then you will need a UK Guarantor.  We also have a UK Guarantor partner who stands as Guarantor for students, for a fee.  Please enquire.
A: Our contracts are typically 12 months with a 6 month break clause. However, we can offer some flexibility if required, and on some occassions can only offer a short rental if our head lease date is coming up for renewal.  If this is the case for your room then you will see that information in our "Confirmation of Offer" email that is sent to you when you first confirm you'd like to go ahead with securing the room.
A: If you are paying your rent upfront, then No.  If you are using our UK Guarantor partner, then No.  If you are paying your rent monthly and your salary is not 2.5x your rent, you do not pass a Credit Check, or you are brand new to the UK and have no credit history, then yes.  A UK Guarnator can be the company you are working for, a friend who earns 2.5x your rent and can pass referencing, or if you have neither of these then we have partnered with a company who can be your UK Guarantor for a Fee.  Please enquire if this is something you would like to know more about.
A: I'm afraid we cannot accept children in our flatshares.
A: Due to the majority of our tenants being young professionals, we prefer to rent our rooms to people aged between 20 and 40 years old.  If you are not within this age range, please speak to us first.


A: Yes. We charge a £175 admin fee for moving in (+£50 for couples), and then when you move out there is an end of tenancy cleaning fee, a contribution towards carpet & window cleaning, and a check-out fee. These fees will be outlined in your contract. You will be given the opportunity to do the end of tenancy clean yourself and we can supply you with a list of what is expected should this be the case. Please note that if you do not clean to our satisfaction then the cleaning fee will still be chargeable.  We also charge a £100 contract renewal fee to cover our costs, so the longer your contract term the less you will need to pay.  We do not charge any fees for any short weekly contracts we agree to assign.


A: Deposits are £500 plus an annual £100 Rent Guarantee Insurance.  This insurance is non-refundable.  Conditions apply for the insurance.  You need a minimum 6 month contract, you need to pass referencing with our referencing company (Blinc).  You will also need to be earning at least 2.5x your rental amount in a secure UK paid job.  If your income is too low (can't be proved, or is being paid by a company not in the UK) we may ask you to pay some extra rent upfront in order to drop the monthly rent that you owe.  Otherwise, your deposit will have to be 6 weeks rent.
A: It is a legal requirement that all deposits taken from tenants on an AST contract need to be protected, so yes, if your contract with us as an AST then your deposit will be protected. We pay our deposits over to the DPS (  If you sign a Licence then we do not have any legal obligation to protect your deposit.
A: We secure deposits taken on an AST with the DPS. Within 7-14 days after you move out of one of our properties we contact the DPS to release your deposit, so long as at least a month has passed since we paid it over to them.


A: We require a £350 holding deposit and our application form returned in order to secure a room. However, we will need to assess your application form to be 100% sure we are okay renting to you.  The holding deposit is refunded if we are unable to give you the room, but is not refundable if you change your mind. The holding deposit secures the room for 1 week, during which time you will need to have signed your contract.  This amount is counted towards your first month's rent.
A: Yes. We use an online contract signing service provided by Adobe called Adobe EchoSign, so you can sign your contract from anywhere in the world.
A: If you are in the UK then you can pay cash to one of our team.  You can visit a Lloyds Bank and deposit the money directly into our account (Please use your full name as the reference).  You can meet one of our team and pay by card (you need to know the pin number of the card), and there is a % fee to cover card charges. If you are unable to meet us to make the payment then you can pay by PayPal (PayPal fees apply).  You can also pay via International transfer, but your room will only be secure once this has been received and international payments can take 3-5 working days to clear.
A: We only supply this information to confirmed tenants. Please ask us!
A: Our referencing company take a previous landlords reference, an employer reference, a copy of your passport, one other form of ID, and a recent photograph of you. Please speak to us if you may have difficulty providing any of these.  We will need to see your original passport and right to live in the UK before we can hand over keys. 


A: Some properties have parking – please see the specific room. Secure parking comes at an extra cost.
A: For tenants we charge a monthly £43.33 (£10 weekly). For non-tenants we charge £100 a month.
A: Please see the specific property advert for this information, or ask us.


A: All utilities (water, council tax, TV Licence, electricity, gas (if applicable)).  Unlimited WIFI is a complementary service we provide, subject to the provider being able to supply.  We do not accept liability for interruptions to this service when the interruption has not been caused by Meridian.  We also supply a complimentary communal area cleaner twice a month.  Please note that we operate on a fair use policy.  If any of the above mentioned bills are extortionally high then we reserve the right to charge tenants the difference.
A: Yes, all our properties have washing machines.  Not all of them have washer driers though.
A: Please see the property details page on our website for the specific property.
A: Yes
A: Yes


A: Please ask us before buying anything for the house. If we agree to reimburse then we will only do so when we receive the receipt. Please note that you are not allowed to deduct any costs from your rent. You will be reimbursed within 7-10 working days. Anything that does not receive written permission beforehand will not be reimbursed.